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Since 2011, Stimpygato, LLC has been proudly serving the United States as an online retailer of travel items, and trucker merchandise. We operate with honesty and integrity, bringing you the best deals we can find on everything for the frequent traveler. Whether you're a fleet manager, trucker, commuter, an outside salesperson, or even a recreational traveler (vacationing, tailgaiting, camper, etc..), we've got all the goods you'll need to take the comfort of home on the road with you!


TruckDogUSA is America's #1 Internet Truck Stop! Serving truckers & travelers with the best in brand new merchandise. Items professional drivers need every day, such as 12-Volt appliances, mobile office supplies, cargo control and safety items. Not to mention a myriad of items for customizing your truck, car, or motorcycle too! TruckDogUSA is bringing the dog house to you!

TruckDogUSA is America's #1 Internet Truck Stop

The Stimpygato eBay Store

The Stimpygato eBay StoreMore than just an outlet for TruckDogUSA closeouts and liquidations. The Stimpygato eBay Store is where you'll find cool retro, vintage, and antique items as well as quirky one-of-a-kinds, and unusal collectables too.

Stimpygato has been an eBay seller since 2001, and has maintained a 99+% Positive Feedback Rating, closing well over 12,000 transactions to date. In business professionally since 2011, and averaging between 300 and 500 transactions each month, Stimpygato is truly a Power Seller. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should shop the Stimpygato eBay Store now!

Some of the cool stuff I've sold on eBay.

Rally North America

Rally North AmericaWe at Stimpygato, LLC also believe in giving back, and because of our love of the open road, we're big fans of Rally North America! We have been an official sponsor for the past several years, as this is some of our finest work. Over the past five years, we have helped Rally North America raise nearly a quarter of a million dollars in donations and sponsorships, 100% of which went worthy charities such as The Accellerated Cure Project for MS, Camp Sunshine of Sebago Lake, The Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research, The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, and others.

The great folks and cars of Rally North America.